The Cast

Each musician was carefully selected for their roles in order to meticulously reproduce the sound of the Brown Album.

Steve Bartolotta


Steve Bartolotta has dedicated his life to all aspects of music, audio and video production. Besides singing the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar In Concert, Steve performs as a singer and instrumentalist with some of Rochester, New York’s popular rock bands, including BeatlesROC and Tillerman. Steve is an IMDb recognized composer (King’s Faith, 2013) and his original compositions can be heard on radio and TV both nationally and internationally.

Matt Ferris

Judas Iscariot

Matt Ferris has performed as lead vocalist for several notable Rochester, New York area bands including No Camouflage, Ethos Unplugged, Animation, Xanax Taxi, Four20. Matt’s talent, dedication and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as a top tier vocalist and, as such, he has landed gigs with some of Rochester’s best bands, musicians, and recording projects.

Jenna Riddell

Mary Magdalene

Jenna Riddell has been a lead vocalist for several Rochester, NY bands. She currently performs with Brass Taxi and Karma. She has been lead vocalist for Coverboy, Blue Moon, D-Structo, Download and many more. As one of the original members of Jesus Christ Superstar In Concert, Jenna is honored to be a part of such an incredibly talented group of musicians.

Tim Joel Henke

Musical Director, Orchestral Keyboards

Tim Joel Henke is a local area keyboardist, music director, composer, and vocalist. Tim performs and has performed in several Rochester, NY music projects: No Camouflage, BeatlesROC, Reporter., Believer, and many more. Tim’s favorite challenge is programming his instruments to emulate a full symphony orchestra.

Mike Mullane

Annas, Bass Guitar

Mike Mullane plays bass guitar and sings the part of the High Priest, Annas, in Jesus Christ Superstar In Concert. Mike also plays bass for international recording artists Lips Turn Blue (MIG Records) and Rochester favorites BeatlesROC. He enjoys performing with wonderful people like his friends in Jesus Chris Superstar in Concert.

Mike Caputo

Guitar, Peter

Mike Caputo is a guitarist and composer who has performed with Mind Sky, Steel Kingdom, Believer, Ethos Unplugged, and Misfit Toys, and others. He also performs as a solo acoustic/classical guitarist, with numerous albums of original material to his credit. Guitar Player magazine calls Mike “the quintessential progressive guitarist demonstrating a command of textural elements, acoustic guitar technique, and a melodic lead style utilizing impressive legato phrasing.” His love for musical theater finally has an outlet with Jesus Christ Superstar.

Bob Andressi


Bob Andressi performs with Rochester bands Brass Taxi, No Camouflage, and Genesis Rock Theater. Bob has also performed with Agent 99, Top Secret, PULL, The Value of X, The Finger Lakes Community College Jazz Ensemble and Jesus Christ Superstar (1993, Maestro Raffaele Ponti).

Vic Germani

Herod, Keyboards

Vic Germani, a Syracuse University School of Music Alum, took a long hiatus from the music industry to focus on career and family. Coming back on the scene 13 years ago, Vic is keyboard player, vocalist, and co-founder of Rochester’s premier live 80s music experience, Hall Pass 80s.

Rich Greene

Pilate, Guitar

Rich Greene is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, voice actor, producer, educator. and two-time syndicated television competition show runner-up. Rich is the front man for the long-time Rochester-based band Reporter and performs CroonTunes, a solo act featuring classic ballads and standards.

Mike Cosco


Mike Cosco is a singer, guitarist, and bassist. Mike is perhaps best known for his role in the very successful Rochester band, Cosco, Gladstone & Cosco. Mike currently performs with Mr. Mustard and Mike & Julie.

Beth Borrello

Conductor, Vocalist

Beth Borrello is the keyboardist and vocalist with the Rochester band Karma. In her spare time, she is a middle school general music and chorus teacher.

Casey Filliaci


Casey Filliaci is a keyboardist…

Mary Denise Woods


Mary Denise Woods has been performing with a variety of bands over the past several years and is currently the one of the lead singers of the popular Reggae Band Innite. With a strong background in Gospel, Classic Rock, R and B, Reggae and Country music her powerful voice beams in both choral and lead arrangements. She brings the excitement and enthusiasm needed to her role Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert as she exclaimed “This classic production is energetic, magnetic and touches the soul. I am very proud to be a part of it.” Rich Greene of the cast was quoted as saying, “When she (Denise) joined the cast on JCS in concert, our sound improved exponentially. She has a strong sweet lyrical voice and an incredible range”